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About Us


Who are we? What happens behind the scenes? What are our motivations? I'm sure you all have had those burning questions in you mind for quite some time (our attempt at being sarcastic). Here is all about us!

We are high school students attending the Orange County School of the Arts who love Korean culture and K-pop!



Hi! I'm Malia, the owner and founder of Momochi K-Apparel! I am super happy to have an opportunity to make merchandise for the fandom that I love!  I'm always looking for shirts that are subtle enough so I can wear them and smile when somebody gets the reference. I think that it is such a wonderful thing when you meet somebody through the fandom, it's like this unexplainable bond that forms almost immediately.

I have been a K-pop fan for a while and my favorite group is BTS. Kookie is my ultimate bias, but as some of you may relate, when it comes to being loyal to biases, I am not the most reliable person. As a sophomore in high school, life is a tornado of hormones and events, and this is a great opportunity for me to start saving for college and those life-changing concerts.

Thank you all for making all of this possible and I look forward to getting to know you all!

Instagram: @maliamo_    Kpop Cover Insta: momo.covers



Hello! My name is Claire and I am an aspiring artist that struggles to be productive... I'm thankful to be a part of Malia's business (especially this one) and I hope my art to be satisfactory to you all!

Instagram: @herhumanist     Personal Insta: @lacklusterface


Hello! I'm Grace and I am one of the graphic designers for this k-pop shop!

I am so glad this business has been launched and I can't wait to see how it will grow in the future.  Being able to help out Malia's business has been such a beneficial experience for me and everyone else participating.

I have only recently gotten into Kpop. Before that I was super into anime and I still am, of course.  I took my sweet time immersing myself into k-pop!  I got into k-pop the August of 2017 thanks to a BTS crack video leading me to find Park Jihoon of Wanna One somehow .... he sucked me in completely.  Jihoon has been my ultimate bias ever since, but I have also gained interest in many other bands like Vixx, Red Velvet, G-Idle, Astro, Exo, MamaMoo, Monsta X and especially NCT and Seventeen.

I hope my designs fit your tastes and thank you for supporting us!

Art Insta:  @jinro Personal Insta: @0.913j


Hey! I go by Sage and I'm the resident Carat around here. I'm just a kid who goes to art school and tries their best to create cute and fun designs for everyone to enjoy.  I'm very excited to work with my friends on this fun project.

I've bounced all over fandoms for a while, but K-pop is definitely the one that has stuck on me the strongest.  Since around 2015, I've been slipping into the diamond life and haven't escaped. SEVENTEEN is my favorite and my ultimate bias is Boo Seungkwan. But, to be honest, I like most groups and would love to make designs for anyone!